Bländvita Like A Fairytale (bitch)


Bländvita Like A Fairytale


ED: 0
Patella: 0/0
Eyes: Clear

Hight: 32 cm

Dam: CIB, NORD UCH, SE UCH, DK UCH, NO UCH, NORD JV-15, NO V-17, RLD N, RLD F Morning Star Pride’s A Bonnie Lass

Sire: CIB, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH, NORD UCH, LT CH, EST UCH RLD N, RLD F Silvermånens Kenchiro

Älva is the bitch from our dream litter. Already when we were just planning the litter it was decided that a bitch was going to live with Sophie and her family, as co-owner. There she will get all the love, training and attention she needs until she’s old enough to come to us to have puppies.
Älva is a happy and playful girl with a sparkle in her eye. She has many qualities from both mom and dad, which makes her very precious to us. Add to that, her cuteness, which doesn’t hurt.

2x BOB-puppy 2018

4x CAC, 1x Nordic Cac, 2x BOS 2018
1x No CAC 2018

Show critiqes: 

Askersund, 11/8-18 Judge: Sara Nordin

Very appealing, very feminine. Nice proportions. Nice well shaped head. Excellent ears, beautiful well placed ears. Lovely prigmentation. Normal angulations all around. Upper arm could be closer to the body. Suiting bones. Excellent chest. Very well placed tail. Still mixed coat, good coat coming. Moves with easy, nice step. Typical attitude. Excellent temperament. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate class, 1st best bitch, CAC, BOS

Ål i Hallingdal, NJSK-speciality, 23/6-18 Judge: Lisbeth Campbell

Feminin bitch, beautiful model. Beautiful head and expression. Nice ears. Well angulated, good shoulders and upper arm. A bit long in loin. Wonderful chest. Very good croup, tailsetting and rear. Excellent, CK, 1st jun cl, BOS-junior, 2nd best bitch, CAC

Västerås, 28/4-18 Judge: Sara Nordin

Feminin and well balanced. Excellent proportions. Cute head and expression with nice eyes and ears. Could have stronger over jaw. A bit straight shoulder. Enough chest for her age. Normal angulations behind. A bit sloaping crope. Nice legs and paws. Well carried tail. Good coat quality but today quite out of coat. Easy and nice movement. Excellent temperament. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class, 2nd best bitch, CAC

MyDog1, 6/1-18 Judge: Paul Scanlon

Excellent breed type. Beautiful head, feminine expression. Well shaped fore face, excellent eye, slightly defined stop. Well set small ear. Excellent front assembly. Good neck and topline. Well set tail. Good angulation behind. Super coat and colour. Good pigmentation. Lovely shaped over all. Could be more definite in front action.  HP, BOB-puppy

MyDog1, 5/1-18 Judge: Gabriel Valdez

Beautiful bitch. Excellent caracter. Alot of precence. Beautiful head and expression. Great pigmentation. Very sound movement.  HP, BOB-puppy

Köping open, 29/10 Judge: Jan Törnblom

Feminin bitch, nice proportions. Nice muzzle, good bite, well pigmented. Well placed ears of good size. Enough neck. A bit straight shoulder. Good body. Nice topline. Well carried tail. Good legs and paws. Could move more ground covering. Good coat. Well shown. HP, BOS-puppy

Örebro open , 30/9-17 Judge: Gunilla Svensson
5 month bitch puppy, very feminine head with very beautiful and alert eyes. Correct bite. Good neck and back. Good depth of chest. Well angulated all around. Moves very nice. Good colour and coat. .  HP, BOS-puppy