Bländvita Dirty Little Secret (bitch)

Foto: Juha Huthanen

CIB*, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH, FI UCH, NORD UCH, SE JV-14, JEUW-15 Bländvita Dirty Little Secret


ED: 0
Patella: ua
Eyes: clear

Mother: Atena

Father: CIB, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH, NORD UCH, RLD N, RLD F Silvermånens Kenchiro 

Height: 32 cm

Lilly is from our first litter. She’s a lovely little girl with alot of speed and excitement. She’s sweet as sugar and so cozy. At the samt time she has some attitude and do not hesitate to bite our older dogs in their tails, when I do not look.  

Lilly lives with Idas mom, but will join us for shows in the future. She will stay with us sometimes, for shorter and longer stays. We are always looking forward to spend time with this sweetheart!
We are hoping she will devolop nicely so she can be mother to one of our litters in the future.
Until than she will have as much fun as possible, with my mom and dad in the countryside.



3 x BIR-puppy, 2 x BIS-puppy, 7x CAC, 1x Norweigan CAC, 1x Finnish CAC, 2x Danish CAC, 2x Lithuanian CAC 1x Cacib 2015
4xBOS, 4x Cacib, 1x Cert, 1x Estonian CAC, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH,
BOS at Japanese Clubshow 2016

1x BOS, 1x Cacib 2018


Västerås, 28/4-18 Judge: Sara Nordin

Nice feminine bitch. Very good proportions in body. Well shaped head. Nice eyes and ears. A bit long in muzzle. Excellent croap and tail set. Nice legs, paws and angulations. Very good chest and front. Lovely coat quality. Easy free movement and nice balance. Excellent temperament. Excellent, CK, 1st champion class, Best bitch, BOS

MyDog2, Göteborg INT, 6/1-18 Judge: Paul Scanlon

Excellent breed type. Beautiful feminine head. Great shaped fore face. Lovely eye. Good in skull. Expressive small ears, correct shaped. Good front assembly. Good topline and tailset. Good angulation behind. Moves freely. A little bit close behind. Super coat and colour. Lovely all over picture. Excellent, CK, 1a chcl, 1best bitch, Cacib, BOS

MyDog1, Göteborg NORDIC, 5/1-18 Judge: Gabriel Valdez

A fantastic bitch. Strong body, short back with excellent topline & beautiful outline. She is showing with a lot of class and grace. Excellent, CK, 2a chcl, 4 best bitch

Tallinn (Estland) INT, 20/8-16 Judge: Kurt Nilsson

Feminin. Excellent head – eyes – ears – expression – neck – proportions – angulation – bones – feet – moving. In summer coat. Excellent, 1st Chcl, 1st best bitch, BOS, CAC, Cacib, EST UCH, CIB*

Askersund INT, 13/8-16 Judge: György Tesics

Very feminin. Good head. Good pigmentation. Long neck. Topline should be a little better. Well set and carried tail. Good angulation. Typical movement. Still a little close behind. Typical caracter. Good coat structure. Excellent, 2nd chcl

Köping INT, 23/7-16 Judge: Anna Uthorn

Excellent type. Feminin. Very beautiful head and expression. Beautiful eyes. Excellent pigment. Good neck and withers. Strong top line. Well placed, well carried tail. Could be a thought shorter. Harmonic angulations. Typical movement. Excellent quality of fur. Nice temperament.  Excellent, CK, 2:a chcl, 4th best bitch

Alfta INT, 10/7-16 Judge: Arvid Göransson

Excellent all around. Excellent pigmentation and dark beautiful eyes. Excellent ears. Good topline and croup. Power, without getting to heavy in chest. Good angulations in front and behind. A bit narrow but good length of step and stable in movement. Excellent, CK, 1:a chcl, 3rd best bitch, R-cacib

JSK Rasspecial, Eskilstuna, 9/7-16 Judge: Hans Almgren

Appealing harmonic built bitch. Well shaped head with just enough stop. Excellent wellcarried small ears. Tight lip lines. Good pigmentation. Beautiful neck, enough length of neck. Flexible in intermediaries. Tight back length. Well carried tail. Nice movements. Excellent, CK, 1:a chcl, 1st best bitch, BOS 

Leksand INT, 18/6-16 Judge: Elisabeth Spillman

2 year old bitch. Good size and proportions. Beautiful feminin head. Nice expression. Excellent ears. Good body. Excellent tail bracket. Good bone and paws. Moves with good step. Well presented. Good fur. Excellent, CK, 1st champion class, 1st best bitch, BOS, Cacib

Österbybruk INT, 29/5-16 Judge: Kirill Barbosov

Nice female. Correct format Compact body. Very good pigmentation. Nice feminine head with good expression. Strong back rear movement. Excellent, CK, 1:a chkl, 1best bitch, BOS, Cacib

Malmö INT, 19/3-16 Judge: Eva Nielsen

Bitch in full condition with nice proportions, feminin head with nice ears and eyes. Breed-typical angulations, good body, well carried tail, moves harmonic with good step. Excellent coat texture. Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 1st best bitch, BOS, CAC, Cacib, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH, FI UCH

Norge, Bø, INT, 20/2-16 Judge: Torbjörn Skaaar

Beautiful feminin head with excellent bite. Dark eyes. Well carried ears. Straight shoulder. Vell angulated upper arm. Excellent body and bone. Well angulated behind. Very good tail. Excellent fur. Moves well. Well presented.  Excellent, CK, 1:st open class

Göteborg, INT, 8/1-16 Judge: Laura Dagmar Klein

Excellent type. Feminine head. Beautiful expression. Correct dark eyes. Excellent ears. Correct neck & topline. Moves light and free. Nice temperament.  Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 2nd best bitch, CAC, R-cacib

Göteborg, INT, 7/1-16 Judge: Kurt Nilsson

Feminin, cute, excellent head and expression. Good proportions. Good chest. Excellent legs, angulations and paws. Excellent movement. Excellent fur.  Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 3rd best bitch, r-cac, r-cacib

Vilnius, Lithuania, INT, 20/12-15 Judge: K. Butrinova

Very nice dog, Good pigmentation, good croup and tail. Solid back. Great coat. Good individual natural ??? Excellent, LT CAC, R-Cacib, 2nd best bitch

Vilnius, Lithuania, INT, 19/12-15 Judge: Loreta Tamascevicene

Bite is normal. Very beautiful, very feminine, Beautiful neck, good topline, croup and tail. Satisfying mental status. Satisfying bones. Good typical movement, good coat. Excellent, LT CAC, R-Cacib, 2nd best bitch

Stockholm, INT, 12/12-15 Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Feminin bitch, Good size. Beautiful head and expression. Well angulated in front. Good forechest. A bit short and soft fur today. Moves well. Beautiful topline in movement.  Excellent, CK, 2nd open class

Sundsvall, INT, 11/10-15 Judge: Gunilla Sandberg

Cute, feminin bitch. Lovely head and expression. Correct bite. Good proportions. Good placement of shoulder. Well placed upper arm. Good neck and topline. Enough angulations behind. Good coat quality. Nice movements all around. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 4th best bitch, R-CAC

Sundsvall, SSUK, NAT 10/10-15 Domare: Jussi Liimatainen

Good size, nice prop, Good head, pigment. Lovely neck, topline. Good front-body, Ex rear-tail. Not in best coat, ex texture, ex mover. Excellent, CK, 1st Open class, CAC

European Dog Show, Lilleström, Norge, INT, 6/9-15 Christen Lang

Excellent, 1st Junior Class, European Junior Winner, 3rd Best Bitch, R-CAC

Bornholm, Denmark, INT, 16/8-15 Barbara Müller

16 months, very well developed, ex substance and body, feminin, ex pigment, very good length of neck, very nice coat for age, moves easy, ex reach and drive, typical tail carriage, very well presented. Excellent, CK, 1:a uhkl, 3 best bitch, CAC

Bornholm, Denmark, INT, 15/8-15 Marie K. Due Petersen

16 monthes, very appealing bitch, nice proportions, wellplaced ears, dark wellshaped eyes, corr. bite, good neck, fixed, stable back, wellplaced and carried tail, strong welldeveloped body, moves well,  good fur. Excellent, CK, 1:a uhkl, 2 best bitch, CAC, R-cacib -> Cacib

Finland, Luumäki, 2/8-15 Judge: Pekka Teini

Excellent breedtype and proportion. Very beautiful head. Excellent neck and topline. Well set tail. Excellent forechest. Beautiful coat and long movements. Excellent, CK, 1:a uhkl, 3:e bt, CERT 

Finland, Pori, 1/8-15 Judge: Kirsti Louhi

Excellent type, good bones, strong head, well placed ears, excellent pigmentation, good bite, excellent neck and topline, strong body , moves a bit narrow behind. Excellent, CK, 1:a uhkl, 3:e bt, R-cert

Köping (int), 18/7-15 Judge: Lisbeth Mach

15 months. Very feminin, in full coat. Very friendly. Super body in topcondition. Only little more neck. Expressive head. Correct bite. Super mover. Very stylish. Excellent, CK, 1:a uhkl

Degernäs, JSK rasspecial, 23/5-15 Judge: Hans-Åke Sperne

Mycket trevlig helhet. Feminint huvud med uttrycksfull blick. Fina öron. Korrekt bett. Välkroppad. Väl ansatt och buren svans. Vacker, ymnig vit päls. Välformade tassar. Välvinklad. Balanserade rörelser. Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, BIR-junior

Lidköping 3/5-15 Judge: Paula Rekiranta

Välutvecklad ungtik av utm typ. Bra proportioner. Välformat huvud, bra pigment o uttryck. Korrekt svanssättning, bra hals. Benvinklar fram bra. Välutvecklad bröstkorg för sin ålder. Kunde ha en aning bredare lår. Komp tassar. Bra pälskvalitet. Rör sig mkt bra! Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, 3:e bt, R-Cert

Västerås, 25/4-15 Judge: Tuula Savolainen

13 mnd. Fina proportioner, Vacker ö-linje. Bra huvud, fina mörka ögon, nosparti behöver stärkas. Bra öron. Välbyggd kropp. Bra förbröst för sin ålder. Utm. svans. Välvinklad bak tillräcklig fram. Rör sig väl från sidan. Aningen höga fram. Utm päls. Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, 2:a bt Cert

Kista, 4/4-15, Judge: Ramune Kazlauskatie

Very good size and proportions. Typical female head and typical expression. Correct topline, Very good chest and angulations. Free movement, a bit narrow in rear. Good coat. Excellent, CK, 2:a jkl

Strängnäs SSUK, 15/3-15, Judge: Johan Andersson

1 årig Juniortik, Trevlig modell, mkt feminint välformat huvud, fint uttryck, lagom hals, normala vinklar, bra kropp + benstomme, lätta + fina rörelser, Bra päls på gång. Trevligt temprament, Välvisad
Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, 3:e bt, Cert, BIR-junior

Strängnäs, 14/3-15 Judge: Michael Leonard

Very pretty and very feminine , needs time to mature and develope and grow into her body, for better balance the legs just needs a litte more height, the head also needs time and the muzzles needs more width, be careful of the stepping front action, needs to be controlled.
Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, 4:e bt, Cert

Bö, Norge, 21/2-15 Judge: Colette Muldoon

Lovely size, beautiful coat, correct teeth and pigmentation. Alert expression. Good depth of chest, lovely front and shoulders. Handled and presented well. Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, 3:e bt, Cert

Älvsjö, 14/12-14 Judge: Lemo Niksa

Ex. type and size, feminin! Ex. bodyline for her age. Very nice movement. 1:a jkl, Excellent, CK, Svensk juniorvinnare, 3:e bt, Cert

Växjö, 2/11-14 Judge: Marie-Josee Melchior

Nearly 8 months. Scissor bite. Excellent coat. Dark eyes. Good pigmentation. Good neck & topline. Good bones. Correct feet. Good tail. Good temprament. Well presented. Good mover, a bit narrow behind. HP, BIR-valp

SSUK, Timrå 11/10-14 Judge: Per Kr. Andersen

7 mån, särdeles tilltalande valp m bra prop, vackert huvud o gott uttr, bra bett, mörka ögon, välburna öron, bra rygg o svans, en aning lång i länden, bra kropp f ålder, ngt lätt i fronten, mkt välgående, bra päls, trevligt temp. HP, BIR-valp, BIS-valp

Gimo 13/9-14 Judge: Hanne Laine-Jensen

Bra storl o längd. Bra balans mellan huv. o kropp. Välpl. öron o ögon, pass. tillspetsad nosp. bra bett, prima pigment. bra hals o överlinje, välburen svans. tillr. vinklar i bensto. bra tassar. vacker päls. Sunda rörelser. Särdeles lovande. 2:a bästa tikvalp, HP

Örebro, 30/8-14 Domare: Andreas Lantz

Feminin tik, mkt bra könsprägel. Fina mörka ögon, välplacerade öron. Bra stop, korrekt bett. Bra nospigment, mkt bra hals & överlinje. Tunt förbröst. Välutvecklad bröstkorg. Passande benstomme & vinklar. Mkt fin pälskvalitet. Rör sig väl. Trevligt temprament. Välvisad. HP, BIR-valp

Höganäs, JSK rasspecial, 14/7-14 Domare: Jonas Öhrn

4 månaders mycket tilltalande tikvalp. Utm pigment. Mörka, vackra ögon. Bra stop. Korrekt öronplacering, korrekt vinklad skuldra. Tillräckligt förbröst. Bra svansfäste. Mkt bra proportioner. Rör sig parallellt fram och bak. Ngt trång bak. Välvisad. HP, BIR-valp, BIS-valpLillyBIS