Bländvita Legacy Of Silvermoon (male)

Bländvita Legacy Of Silvermoon


ED: 0
Patella: 0/0
Eyes: Clear

Hight: 36 cm

Mother: CIB, NORD UCH, SE UCH, DK UCH, NO UCH, NORD JV-15, NO V-17, RLD N, RLD F Morning Star Pride’s A Bonnie Lass

Father: CIB, SE UCH, NO UCH, DK UCH, NORD UCH, LT CH, EST UCH RLD N, RLD F Silvermånens Kenchiro

Genji is our little prince that we’ve saved from our dream combination Hiro and Saga. He got stuck in our hearts very fast and when the day came, when we were supposed to let them move we couldn’t let him go. Genji is a very happy and easy boy. He wiggles his tail almost all the time and follows us everywhere.

We are looking forward to bringing him along on our adventures, both in the show ring and outside.

1x BOS, 5x BOB puppy, 1x BIG 2-puppy, 2x BIG3-puppy, 1x BIG4-puppy, 1xBIS-puppy 2017

1x BOS, 2x Fi CAC, 1x CAC 2018
1 x Fi CAC, 1 x Cacib, 1 x CAC 2019

Show critiques: 

Stöde JSK Special, 14/7-18 Domare: Karin Sjöholm Östlund

15 months masculine male. Excellent pigmentation. Well filled muzzle. Tight lips. Dark, well shaped eyes. Good stop. A bit wide apart ears. Elegant neck. Level back. Short loin. Well placed and well carried tail. Excellent front and length of chest. Well muscled thigh and low hooks. Nice paws. Moves free and parallel. Excellent coat quality. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class, BOB-junior, R-cac
Ål i Hallingdal, NJSK-special, 23/6-18 Judge: Lisbeth Campbell

Beautiful male. Nice head, ears, pigment and underjaw. Lovely neck and topline standing and going. Nice paws and pasterns. Nice tail, tail setting, croup and rear. Moves nice from the side. Very appealing and well presented.  Excellent, CK, 1st jun cl, BOB-junior, Best Male, CAC, BOB, BIS

Norrköping 2/6-18 Judge: Johan Andersson

Very appealing junior male. Beautiful well shaped head. Nice dark eyes. Excellent posture standing and walking. Nice angulations. Good body for the age. Nice carried tail. Excellent movements. Good coat. Nice temperament.  Extremely well presented. Excellent, CK, 1st junior cl, 2nd best male, CAC

Helsingfors, Finland 19/5-18 Judge: Irina Poletaeva

Lovely young boy. Excellent masculine head. Correct dention and pigmentation. Typical outlines, excellent angulation and side movement, elbows a bit too close under the body. Could show better front movement. Excellent coat and temperament. Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl. BOB-junior, 2nd best male, CAC 

Tampere, Finland 6/5-18 Judge: Peter Harasanyi

Sufficient size, medium bone. Short, strong foreface. Excellent stop. Good profile. Small ears. Long neck. Correct back and loin. Chest not ready yet. Good angulation and tail. Typical movement. Excellent, CK, 1a jkl, Res-cac

Tampere, Finland 5/5-18 Judge: Berri Beare

Correct bite. Nice underjaw. Nice balanced head. Correct earset. Correct shoulders. Good loins. Nice set tail. Well turned stifle. Good hocks. Nice coat. Nicely balanced when standing. Covered the ground well. Handled well. No serious faults. Excellent, 1:a jkl

Vasa, Finland 14/4-18 Judge: Tracey Parker

Correct body proportions 10-11. Excellent silhouette with arched neck. Level topline. Well set tail carried over back. Profuse pure white stand off coat. Well shaped head with refined stop and pointed muzzle. Correct scissor bite. Almond set eyes set obliquely. Ears are high and triangular. Moved good coming and going. Excellent, CQ, 1st junior class, 1st best male, CAC, BOS

Bö, Norge, 17/2-18 Judge: Eva Nielsen

Masculine male with good proportions. Masculine head that could fill out more in jaw. To big pronounced round eyes. Breed typical angulations. Well carried tail. Good coat and body for age. Moves with good step. Needs to mature. Excellent, 1:a jkl

Lilleström Norsk Vinnare, 19/11-17 Domare: Saija Juutilainen

7 months very nice puppy with lovely posture. Good body, bones, paws. Typical angulations and nice tail. Beautiful head and dark eyes. Well placed small ears. Correct bite and pigmentation. Good neck and topline. Nice clean colour, promising coat. Typical movement with nice temperament. BOB-puppy, Best in Group 3rd-puppy

Växjö, 4/11 Judge: Ann Cuthbert

Scissor bite. Good head with dark eye. Neck and shoulder are good. Level topline. Elbow well tucked in. Good angulation behind for his age. Just at the moment tends to turn his front feet out slightly when standing. He moves well. 2nd HP

Köping open, 29/10 Judge: Jan Törnblom

Masculine male. Good head. Well placed ears of good size. Well shaped muzzle. Good bite. Well pigmented. Enough neck. A bit straight shoulder. Good body. Nice topline. Well carried tail. Good legs and paws. Moves well from side. Good coat for age. Nice temperament. Well shown. HP, BOB-puppy, BIG4-puppy

SSUK Sundsvall 7/10-17 Judge: Carina Lundgren

Nice male puppy. Good head, a bit wide apart ears. Good pigment. Good bite and teeth. Hope for more filled out under eyes. A bit straigt upper arm. Good angulations front and rear. Good chest. Good bones. Good tail setting. Could have lower hooks. Moves a bit close behind but with good drive. Very good coat and color. Very good temperament. HP, BOS-puppy

Örebro inoff, 30/9-17 Domare: Gunilla Svensson
Almost 5 months old male puppy. Masculine head. Dark nice eyes. Correct bite. Beautiful neck. Good back. Very good chest for age. Very well angulated all around. Still needs to stabelize in hooks. Moves nices all around. Good coat  and beautiful colour.  HP, BOB-Puppy, BIG3-puppy

Karlskoga open show, 16/9-17 Judge: Fredrika Rönqvist
Very appealing puppy with alot of charisma. All through typical for the breed. Correct proportions in body and head. Good stop. Correct bite. Well placed tail. Perfect bones. Nice movements. Excellent proportions. Congratulations. Well shown! . HP, BIR-valp, BIG2-valp

Jönköping open show, 10/9-17 Judge: Carina Sandell-Widin
A lovely puppy for the breed with nice breed details. Beautiful head with dark eyes, well carried ears. Nice bones, tight back, well carried tail. Moves with a lovely step, lovely attitude and temperament. Excellent coat. Promising. Best of luck in the future.  HP, BIR-valp, BIS1-valp