Morning Star Pride’s A Bonnie Lass (bitch)

saganordjv (2)
CIB*, NORD UCH, SE UCH, DK UCH, NO UCH, NO V-17, Nord JV-15, RLD N, RLD F Morning Star Pride’s a Bonnie Lass


ED: 0
Patella: 0/0
Eyes: clear

Mother: Morioka Twinkle Hirameke

Father: BE UCH Morioka Shiro Tomadachi 

Saga is our little pearl! She’s an import from the Netherlands, with australian parents. Vi are very proud that we got the honour to take care of this girl. Saga is an alert and social girl with alot of energy and she was quick to find her place in our family.
I believe she’s reading all my books on training dogs in the nights, because she’s a very fast learner. The only chapter she seems to have missed is the one on coming when called on.
Saga loves to be outside and entertain herself, even if the rest of us stays inside. I love her mentality!


 3x BIR-puppy, 1x BIS-puppy, 3x CAC, 2x BOS, 1x BOB 2015
4x CAC, 2x BOS, 1x DK CAC, 1x EST CAC, 3x Cacib, 3 x R-Cacib, SE UCH, DK UCH, EST UCH 2016




Lilleström Norsk Vinnare, 19/11-17 Judge: Saija Juutilainen

3 years. Well bodied bitch with nice proportions. Correct bones and paws. Lovely neck. Good tail. Feminin head. Beautiful dark eyes. Correct muzzle, bite and pigment. Nice small ears. Good coat quality and colour. Nice temperament and easy movements. Has a nice outline. Excellent, CK, 1st ch cl, Best bitch, CAC, CACIB, NV-17, NO UCH, NORD UCH, CIB*, BOS

Växjö INT, 4/11-17  Judge: Ann Cuthbert

Scissor bite. Nice head. Neck and shoulder are good. Topline is good. Elbow is well tucked in. Good angulation behind. She covers ground well but tends to move her right back leg out moving away from me. Well presented. Excellent, CK, 2nd champion class, 3rd best bitch

Växjö INT, 4/11-16 Judge: Karin Bernardis

Excellent type and size. Feminine expression. Correct all over. A little out in elbows. Moves freely. A little close and not really correct behind. Excellent, CK, 2nd ch cl, 4th best bitch

SSUK Timrå, 15/10-16 Judge: Helin Tenson

Very good elegant female. Lovely head and expression. Excellent pigmentation. Nice ears. Excellent top-underline. Good tail set and angulation. Excellent coat. Super mover with good drive. Lovely temperament. Excellent, CK, 1:a open class, 2nd best bitch, Cac, SE UCH, DK UCH, EST UCH

Öland NAT, 3/9-16 Judge: Jörgen Hindse

Middle size, feminin. A bit narrow nose. Good eyes and ears. Good back and tail. Well angulated. Good fur. A bit hackney-movement in front. Temperament without remark. . Excellent, CK, 2nd open class, 3rd best bitch, R-Cac

Tallinn (Estonia) INT, 21/8-16 Judge: Yoshimi Suzuki

Head shape very good, eyes and earset very good. Muzzle very good. Shoulders layback very good. Topline very good. Tailset very good. Profile standing very good. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 1st best bitch, BOS, CAC, Cacib

Askersund INT, 13/8-16 Judge: György Tesics

Very feminin, very proportional. Prefect expression. Typical eye shape & pigmentation. Sicssor bite. High set small ears. Prefect angulations. Tail could be a little less curled. Free easy movement. Still a little instable in hindlegs. Good presentation. Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 2nd best bitch CAC

Alfta INT, 10/7-16 Judge: Arvid Göransson

Excellent all around. Lovely expression. Excellent pigmentation. Beautiful eyes, well carried ears. Good topline and croup and chest. Good angulations front and back. Good length of step. Good legs and paws. Good quality of fur.  Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 1st best bitch, BOS, CAC, Cacib

JSK Rasspecial, Eskilstuna, 9/7-16 Judge: Hans Almgren

Beautiful all around. Nice balance of proportion and bomes. Complete bite. Nice contrast of black and white. Excellent neckline. Well carried tail. Harmonic in movement. Excellent small ears. Double fur that is “strittig”. Stands and walkes with style and dignety.   Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, BOB-intermediate

Leksand INT, 18/6-16 Judge: Elisabeth Spillman

21 months bitch. Excellent size and proportions. Feminin head. Nice expression. Excellent pigment. A bit wide ears. Good body. Excellent tail, bones and paws. A bit high hocks. Moves with drive. Enough fur of excellent quality. Nice and well presented  Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, R-Cac

Vejen, Danmark, INT, 12/6-16 Judge: Bo Skalin

Very nice bitch with good movements. Beautiful feminin head with good expression. Excellent fur, good tail, correct proportions, stands good on her feet, very nice breedtype.Excellent, CK, 1a ökl, 4e bt, R-cacib

Vejen, Danmark, INT, 11/6-16 Judge: Piotr Kròl

Elegant bitch. Nice head. Excellent neck, excellent body. Nice movements. Excellent, CK, 1a ökl, 3e BT, R-cert

Vejen, Danmark, INT, 10/6-16 Judge: Carsten Birk

Excellent all around, very harmonic built, good size, lovely expression, very well carried ears, excellent stop and head, good bite, suitable leangth of neck same with back, high well carried tail, good debth and broad in front, typical angulations, tip top fur condition and good withers. Energic effective movements. Lovely temperament. Excellent, CK, 1a ökl. 1a BT, BIM, Cert, Cacib

Österbybruk INT, 29/5-16 Judge: Krill Barbosov

Nice female. Correct format. Compact body. Medium head. Very good pigmentation. Strong back Good limbs Enough strong movement. Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 3rd best bitch, R-CAC, R-Cacib

Västerås, NAT, 23/4-16 Domare: Birgitta Svarstad

Good proportions hight – length. Shown a bit “round”, good shaped head, small well placed ears. Good stature, wellrounded ribs, enough length in chest. Good legs and paws. Moves well from side, can be more settled in front. Good fur, excellent colour. Wellshown.  Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate,2nd best bitch, CAC

Sundsvall, NAT, 10/4-16 Judge: Börge Espeland

Excellent type. Nice size. Alert expression. Could have more power in nose. Lovely eyes. Well placed ears. Good neck and posture. Well balanced angulations. Excellent proportions. Well placed tail. Nice breed typical movements. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 4th best bitch, R-CAC

Norge, Bø, INT, 20/2-16 Judge: Torbjörn Skaar

Beautiful feminin head with dark eyes and good shape. Well carried ears. Excellent body. Well angulated front and behind. Very good quality of fur. Nice tale. Moves well. Well presented. Excellent, CK, 1:st intermediate, 3:rd best bitch, R-CAC

Stockholm, INT, 12/12-15 Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Very appealing feminin bitch, excellent type and size. Excellent proportion on body. Beautiful head, well built, typical angulations for the breed. Correct tail and fur. Moves good in front, a bit short step in rear.  Excellent, CK, 1:a jkl, Nordisk juniorvinnare-15

Sundsvall, INT, 11/10-15 Judge: Gunilla Sandberg

Cute, feminin bitch. Well pigmented, Good bite. Well placed shoulder and upper arm. Good neck, strong back. Good croup and well carried tail. Good proportions. Today not in best coat, out of coat. Moves nice from all sides. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class

Sundsvall, SSUK, NAT 10/10-15 Judge: Jussi Liimatainen

Very promising. Excellent proportions, Head should fill under eyes. Good pigment. Well carried neck. Good topline. Bit straight in front. Excellent body. Good rear. Promising coat. Nice carriage. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class

Högbo bruk INT, 12/9-15 Judge: Yana Gavrilova

Very nice bitch, very clean lines, Nice front, long neck, good body, good handling, good coat. Excellent, CK, 4th best bitch, R-CAC

Backamo NAT, 23/8-15 Judge: Anne Chatrine Edoff

Excellent all around already, with nice proportions. Very good eyes and ears. Correct topline. Good tail. For her age good development of breast ratio to bone structure. Harmonic angulations. Moves perfect from side, can still be more correct forward. Excellent coat. Excellent, CK, CAC, Best Of Breed

Askersund NAT, 8/8-15 Judge: Markku Mähönen

Very elegant & feminin bitch. Nice head & expression. Good neck, good body for that age. Well set tail, very good moves, very OK but still soft front movement. Excellent coat for age. Nice temperament. Excellent, CK, CAC, BOS

Ransäter INT, 26/7-15 Judge: Henrik Johansson
Excellent type, very appealing junior bitch, shown in excellent condition & fur. Elegant stature. Small, well shaped ears. Nice eyes. Correct muzzle. Balanced angulations. Moves excellent. Nice paws. Well shown. Excellent, CK, CAC, Best Opposite Sex

Degernäs, JSK rasspecial, 23/5-15 Domare: Hans-Åke Sperne

Ultra feminin. Very beautiful whole. Head handles well. Dark, well-shaped eyes. Nice, wide set ears. Generous scissorbite. Full of substance, vigorously loin. Perfect tailset and tail. A little bit out turning in front. Very well balanced movements. Nice overall. Well shown! HP, BIR-valp, BIS-valp

Lidköping, 3/5-15 Judge: Paula Rekiranta

Mkt välutvecklad o pigg tikvalp. Bra proportioner. Bra skalle. Ännu ngt tunt nosparti. Bra pigment. Bra uttryck o öron. Bra hals o överlinje. Bra kropp för sin ålder. Kunde ha en aning mer knävinkel. Bra tassar. Ännu valpig i pälsen. Rör sig bra. HP, 2:a btv

Västerås, 25/4-15 Judge: Tuula Savolainen
7 months, nice proportions. Nice topline. Good head, Needs to grow stronger in nose (?), beautiful dark eyes, good ears. Good angulations behind, a bit straight over-arm (?), Nice tail. Moves parallel in front and behind. Nice movement from the side. A bit high movements in front. Nice coat. HP, BIR-valp

Kista, 4/4-15, Judge: Ramune Kazlauskatie

6 months, Correct size and proportions, Nice head and expression, Very good topline, tail and chest. Correct angulations. A bit loose in elbows, Free movement, could be better balanced in rear. Good coat. HP, 4:e bästa tikvalp

Strängnäs SSUK, 15/3-15 Judge: Anna Törnlöv

Tilltalande tikvalp, feminint välskuret huvud, utmärkt uttryck, mörka ögon, välplacerade öron, ngt öppna vinkl fram, bra bak, välformad bröstkorg, fina tassar, lovande päls, rör sig balanserat med mkt bra steg, utm temprament, visar sig väl
HP, BIR-valp

Karlskoga, 28/2-15, JudgeGisela Balz

Otroligt söt tikvalp. Feminint huvud. Mörka, vackra ögon. Bra bett & tänder. Bra kropp för åldern. Väl utfyllt förbröst. Trevliga vinklar runt om. Rör sig väl. Välvisad. HP, BIR-valp