Bländvita Fire Fang Arcanine

Bländvita Fire Fang Arcanine


Mother: SE UCH, DK UCH, RLD N, RLD F Bless Me Angel Of Aura

Father: Nord UCH Jasam’s White Sparkling Star

ED: 0
Patella: 0/0
Hight: 37 cm

Niio is a mischievous little boy and the ninth puppy born in our kennel. He is very active and full of energy. He has a body that is wonderful, but the absolute best in him (according to me) is his great paws. Coarse and nice – in addition to the majority black claws!

Niio lives with co-owner, but will accompany us on many adventures to come. In everyday life, he makes trouble and plays with his mom and dad.


Växjö INT, 4/11-17 Judge: Ann Cuthbert

Scissor bite. Good head. Neck and shoulder are good. Topline level. Elbows could just be a little tighter. Good angulation behind. Tail carriage could be a little better. Moves well, just a little close behind. Well presented. Excellent

Eskilstuna, open, 26-2-17 Judge: Sara Nordin

Cute male puppy, nice proportions. Well shaped head with nice ears. Dark, well placed eyes. Normal angulations with good legs and paws. Wellshaped ribcage, good fur that is growing. Moves with nice attitude. Good length of step but still a bit high legs in front. Excellent temperament, HP, BOB-puppy, BIG4-puppy

Degerfors, inoff, 25/2-17 Domare: Daniel Persson

4 months old male. Lovely head and expression with nice breed details. Very good body for age. Very good angulations, very nice paws. Moves well, good placed tail. Today only one “pearl” in place, therefor the prize. Wonderful temperament. Very well shown, wants to see again!