Bländvita Red Moon Mist

Foto: Juha Huthanen

SE JV-16, SE UCH, LT UCH, SE V-17 Bländvita Red Moon Mist


ED: 0
Patella: ua
Eyes: clear

Mother: SE UCH, DK UCH, LT UCH, BALT W- 17 RLD N, RLD F Bless Me Angel Of Aura

Father: Vitaminas Hero Of My Heart

Ninya is our youngest girl. She’s a very cuddly little pearl with alot of speed. She will be trained in different dogsports by her “mom”, Liv. We are looking forward to see how she develops to a real beauty. 

2 x BOB- puppy 1x BIS-3 puppy
1x BOS, 2x CAC, SE JV-16 2016
4xBOS,3x BOB, 5x CAC, 2x LT CAC, 7x Cacib, SE UCH, LT UCH, SE V-17 2017


Älvsjö INT, 16/12-17 Domare: Fon Zidar Zeljka

2 years. Very nice female. Compact. Feminine expression. Ballanced, excellent coat and tail. Very nice movement. Excellent, CK, 1a chkl, 1bt, Cacib, SE V-17, BIR

Växjö INT, 4/11-17 Judge: Ann Cuthbert

Scissor bite. Well balanced head. Uses her ears well. Neck and shoulder are good. Level topline. Elbows could be a little tighter. Good angulation behind. She moves well but I would like to see a little more reach, she is just a little close behind. Excellent, CK, 1st open class, 1st best bitch, Cacib, BOS

Sundsvall INT, 8/10-17 Domare: Susanne Wendell

Excellent type and size. Very beautiful and feminin head. Beautiful eyes and ears. Excellent body. Well angulated. Exquisite coat and colour. Moves very well.  Excellent, CK, 1a open class, 1best bitch, Cacib, BOB

SSUK NAT Sundsvall, 7/10-17 Domare: Nemanja Jovanovic

Excellent type and proportions. Lovely head. Good neck and chest. Correct topline and tail. Good rear. Needs better front movement. Good coat. Excellent, CK, 1a open class, 1 best bitch, CAC, SE UCH, LT UCH, BOS

Lidköping INT, 7/5-17 Judge: Jilkova Zdenka

19 months. Lovely bitch. Excellent head. Scissors bite. Compact square body. Level topline. Good neck & shoulders. Typical tail set. Strong legs. Typical movement. Perfect temperament. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 3rd best bitch, CAC

Malmö INT, 19/3-17 Judge: Anna Brankovic

Correct size and format. Very nice head. Strong muzzle well filled under the eyes. Correct eyes and ears. Nice neck, very good topline. Good tailset and carriage. Well developed chest. Correct quarters angulation and movement. Best bitch and best of breed today! Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 1st best bitch, CAC, Cacib, BOB

Strängnäs SSUK, 12/3-17 Judge: AC Edoff

Typical, beautiful head that could have better almond shaped eyes. Good stop. Good earset and size. Beautiful neck, strong back. Good chest. Suiting angulations. Very well going from side. Can be more correct from side. Good coat. Correct attitude. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate

Strängnäs INT, 11/3-17 Judge: Liz-Beth Liljeqvist

Pretty with good head. A bit big eyes good dark. A bit long, perfect bones, paws and angulations. Good body, well carried tail, excellent quality coat, good movements.Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 1st best bitch, CAC, Cacib, BOS

Eskilstuna, Open, 26/2 Judge: Sara Nordin

Feminin, very appealing all over. Cute head and expression. A bit round eyes. Normal angulations with nice legs and paws. Well shaped ribcage, very good quality of fur. Well carried tail moves with good step, attitude and balance. Very nice temperament, HP, 2nd best bitch 

Degerfors, Open, 25/2 Judge: Daniel Persson

Feminin bitch 1,5 years old. Super feminin head and expression. Wonderful bones, angulations and paws. Wonderful fur and colour. A very happy dog when she moves. Showed to perfection. Wow! 1:a, HP, BOB, BIG2

MyDog2, Göteborg INT, 8/1 Domare: Birgitta Svarstad

Feminin. Good proportions hight length. Well shaped head, marked stop. Well pigmented. Small ears. Enough neck. Strong body for her age. Could have more angulations behind. Strong legs, good paws. Could move better behind. Very good fur. A bit childish. Moves well.  Excellent, 3rd intermediate

MyDog1, Göteborg INT, 7/1-17 Domare: Stanley Shen

Over all high quality bitch. Love head and expression using ears well. Balanced and moved well. Excellent, CK, 1st intermediate, 4th best bitch R-CAC

Växjö INT, 4/11-16 Judge: Karin Bernardis

Typical, nice temperament. Correct head, bite, ears, tail and coat. Topline also correct. Very well angulated. Very good pigmentation. Free moving, close behind, front hackney. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class, 1st best bitch, BOS, CAC

SSUK Timrå, 15/10-16 Judge: Helin Tenson

Very feminin excellent female. Lovely head and expression. Nice ears. Excellent top-underline. Tailset fine, good angulation. Excellent coat and colour. Excellent mover. Nice temperament. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class

Öland NAT, 3/9-16 Judge: Jörgen Hindse

Middle size, feminin.  A bit poor fur. Beautiful head. Good topline. Well carried tail. Good bone. Excellent body. Excellent movement. Temperament without remark. Excellent, 1st jun cl

Askersund INT, 13/8-16 Judge: György Tesics

Very feminin proportions. Excellent in size. Good expression. Typical representitive of this breed. Sicssor bite. Level back. Tail can be a little less curled. Excellent hindlegs angulation. Good goat. Good character, Fluently in movement. Excellent, CK, 1st junior class, 4th best bitch 

Ransäter, Int, 30/7-16 Judge: Börge Espeland

9 months well developed bitch, wellshaped head, nice eyes, good expression. Good angulations, nice firm body. Well placed tail.Excellent, CK, 1:st jcl, 4th best bitch, R-CAC

JSK Rasspecial, Eskilstuna, 9/7-16 Judge: Hans Almgren

Appealing 9 months old bitch. Beautiful triangular head. Correct carried ears. Pigment also on eyelids. Correct bite. Excellent neck. Beautiful neckline. Tight back. Good hight and placement of tail. Well developed in body for her age. Needs to be more stable in front. Pure white “strittig” fur. Excellent, CK, 2nd juniorclass

Norrköping, Nat, 4/6-16 Judge: Åke Cronander

Nice all around. Well shaped head. Nice expression, enough neck & chest. Well built for age. Nice topline, good tail, legs and paws. Nice fur. Moves with good drive. Needs to stabilise. HP, BOB-puppy

Västerås, Nat, 23/4-16 Judge: Birgitta Svarstad

6 month. Nice proportiones. Feminin wedge-shaped head. Could have more stature. Dark eyes, excellent pigment, nice body for her age. Stands prima on her legs and paws. Moves parallell. Excellent colour, well managed fur, very lovely temperament   HP, 2nd puppy class

Sundsvall, Nat 10/4-16 Judge: Börge Espeland

6 month puppy. Excellent type. Nice proportions. Well shaped head with nice expression. Well shaped eyes, well placed ears. Nice neck stature. Could have more chest. Nice body, excellent back, excellent front. Nice legs, excellent cat paws. Promising fur. Moves nice but needs to be more stable. Promising. HP, 2:nd puppyclass

Mjölby, Inoff 3/4-16 Judge: Patrik Cerderlöf

Appealing all over. Nice expression. Dark eyes, well placed ears. Nice neck and topline. Well placed tail. Nice angulations in front and back. Nice paws. Moves well. Excellent temperament. HP, BIR-valp, BIG1, BIS 3

Eskilstuna, JSK inoff 20/2-16 Judge: Eva Jönsson

Lovely well “come together” female puppy with nice proportions in body and head. Good pigment. Nice, well shaped eyes. Puppy-bite. Well placed tail. A happy and nice little girl. Very promising puppy. Best female puppy 2. HP, 1st in puppy class 4-6 months.