The kennel

Bländvita kennel is run by me, Ida OtterholmI have a son , Lukas, 16 years. We live in a small house with large garden in the small city Laxå.

I love animals , preferably soft and fluffy . Throughout my childhood , I have had animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits , horses , guinea pigs and more. When I was 20 , I met a Japanese Spitz for the first time – and it was love at first sight. It was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen . Moreover, so kind , attentive and calm. There and then I felt that the Japanese Spitz was ” my ” breed. A year later I got my first js. Together we began to train obedience and agility . I was completely blown away by how easily – learned this dog was! Today I have 8 Japanese spitz.

The decision to start a kennel was made the summer of 2013. The breeding is a very small scale and mating occurs only if we feel we have the time and desire and passion for the combination. Each puppy is very special to us and we want close contact with all buyers .