Breeding goals

I have a great passion for the wonderful breed; Japanese Spitz. The breed is still relatively small in Sweden and it is our responsibility as breeders to work actively to strengthen, let it grow and develop in a healthy direction. Therefore, I think it is important to have a good cooperation with other breeders in Sweden and abroad.

The most important thing in my breeding is to breed mentally stable, nice js with attractive exterior. I want to preserve the Japanese spitz amazing qualities: healthy, alert, happy, beautiful, curious, alert, eager to work, easy to learn and loyal.

The Japanese spitz should be above all a social family dog ​​that is adaptable and works in diverse environments.

The Japanese spitz breed standard is quite open to interpretation, therefor there are many different types of Japanese spitz. I prioritize in my breeding dogs of medium size and with a good bone structure. I want to have small ears and good sexual characteristics. The three black dots are important and why I value good pigmentation.
But the most important thing is healthy and friendly dogs!


* My breeding focuses on producing healthy , mentally stable and typical dogs as reservoirs capacity to assert themselves in the dog sport’s various disciplines .

* I will as far as possible keep inbreeding low ( 0-2.5 %).

* My breeding will only be conducted on a small scale in the home , when I put quality before quantity .

* I will strive for a good contact with my puppy buyers .

* We do spot checks on HD / ED and the patella .

My goal is to produce puppies I myself would like to buy ,

as well as being the breeder , I myself would like to have.